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Increased Threat of Sacramento Car Accident Injuries

Here’s a new headline our Sacramento personal injury attorneys were not pleased to read: “Traffic deaths rise as drivers, dangers grows.” The Sept. 28 Sacramento Bee ran a disturbing story about national trends that should concern us all in Sacramento. Car crash injury and death rose across the nation and by extension, Sacramento. Increased car accident injuries were traced to a few specific causes by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and in this Blog our Sacramento car crash and injury attorneys will look at what we can do locally to buck this troubling trend.

Four Sources of Concern for Sacramento
Car crash injury and deaths may have naturally risen as more people took to the roads post-recession, according to NHTSA. With a 10 percent increase in traffic deaths nationwide and 13 percent in California over the past three years, Sacramento car accident injuries and deaths have also dominated local headlines. Wrong-way drivers were faulted in several major Sacramento car accidents. Injuries and deaths in these incidents brought attention to the plague of drunk driving. In addition, we experienced the result of distracted driving in a tragic Sacramento car accident. Critical injuries were suffer by a young boy and his father died when a texting driver swerved into the pair on their bicycles in a suburb of Sacramento.

Car crash injuries due to distracted driving and to driving while inebriated are two of the causes of increased traffic deaths cited by traffic agencies in California and Sacramento. Personal injury lawyers at Sette have previously written about the scourge of distracted driving due to the ubiquitous nature of cell phones and their alluring apps that take attention away from the all-important task of safely driving in Sacramento. Car accident injuries are the rise across the nation as distracted driving permeates daily life. In addition, our Sacramento car crash injury attorneys note that distracted driving laws are not routinely enforced throughout the state, and some related traffic fines are too low to be a real deterrent. Government surveys show a definite increase in smart phone use in California and in Sacramento. Car accident injuries and deaths will only continue to rise if law enforcement, traffic officials and the driving public do not attack distracted driving as an urgent problem.

An increasing number of Sacramento car crash injuries may be related to driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. State safety officials say that while alcohol DUIs continue to be a plague, marijuana use is rising and becoming a bigger factor in Sacramento car accident injuries and traffic violations. In addition, prescription drug use is also concern.

Sacramento car crash injuries have also been impacted by the increasing number of motorcycles on the roadway. Post-recession purchase of motor bikes is up, particularly among older riders in Sacramento, increasing car crash injury threat. The heavier bikes favored by these riders are more difficult to control. In a Sacramento car accident, injuries to the motorcyclist are usually the most severe. State safety officials report a concerning rise in incidents since 2010.

Sacramento car crash injuries also reflect accidents involving pedestrians and bicyclists. Clearly, bicyclists are an important part of the commuter and recreation community in Sacramento. Car accident injuries to people on bicycles and pedestrians are often very severe. There have been a number of high profile accidents in Sacramento causing personal injury. Our attorneys all recognize that bicyclists and pedestrians face the most severe dangers in a car accident in Sacramento.

Car Crash Trends Suffer Reversal in Sacramento
That car crash injuries and deaths are climbing throughout the state is very concerning to state officials. Over the five years previous to 2010, there was a significant decrease in traffic deaths due to car accident injury. According to the Sacramento Bee article the period marked the fewest California traffic deaths since WWII.  Sacramento car crash injuries and deaths were likely minimized, in part, because of the adoption of seat belt use. In addition, the introduction of safety technology such as airbags have helped keep drivers safer in Sacramento.

Car accident injury and death, however, is arcing upward again, inspiring our personal injury attorneys to wonder how to keep people safe in Sacramento. Clearly, car crash injury is adversely impacted by the use of our newest technology – smart phones and accessible apps. Just as technology has made it safer for drivers, it’s currently creating an enhanced threat to drivers in Sacramento. Our car accident injury and death rates are surely affected by the heightened incidence of distracted driving that leads to Sacramento car crash injuries. Traffic officials cannot be certain about distracted driving statistics because drivers often deny cell phone use after a Sacramento car accident. Injuries and deaths will continue to increase until laws are consistently enforced and fines are meaningful to distracted drivers in Sacramento. Car accident injuries due to the use of electronic devices may decrease if the makers of the technologies also participate in creating safety solutions to prevent car crash injuries and death. Thus far, blocking technology and other potential solutions have met with public opposition.

In Sacramento, car crash injuries won’t diminish until drivers take complete responsibility for public safety. In a survey, the Office of traffic Safety reports that 9.2 percent of drivers admit to being distracted while driving throughout the state and in Sacramento. Still, car accident injuries due to distracted driving do not reflect the true number of motorists violating the law in Sacramento. Our personal injury attorneys and traffic officials bemoan the fact that every day, there’s a new app on the market tempting drivers and threatening a Sacramento Car accident.

Injuries and deaths on the roadways won’t vanish from Sacramento. Car crash injury increase, however, can be reversed throughout California and certainly in Sacramento. Our personal injury attorneys at Sette Law support enforcement of traffic laws and urge our residents to make our roadways safer for families in Sacramento. Car crash injuries are, unfortunately, becoming a daily occurrence in our Sacramento. Our personal injury attorneys want to see a turn-around in the troubling statistics we see in the recent statistical rise and promote driving habits that keep friends and neighbors safe from Sacramento car accident injuries.

Accident Attorneys Examine Car Crash Causes in Sacramento

Injury attorneys at Sacramento’s Sette Law pay particular attention to traffic accidents throughout the summer months when so many drivers are on the road in Sacramento. Car accidents, our lawyers report, dramatically increase during the vacationing season so, in this blog, we’ll discuss some of the common causes of  car accidents in Sacramento.

Our injury attorneys say that, although many vehicle accidents never make the nightly news, the summer of 2015 has already made many headlines in Sacramento. Car accidents, Sette lawyers report, have already claimed more than 10 lives since June in Greater Sacramento. And accident attorneys point out that for each death, there are often multiple victims left with serious injuries. The circumstances of these Sacramento accidents differ. Lawyers say that some occurred on local freeways, others on urban streets – from wrong way drivers to excessive speed and drunk driving, our injury lawyers say Sacramento drivers are wise to drive defensively and with awareness that other drivers may not be doing the same.

What Good Drivers Should Watch Out for in Sacramento
Accident attorneys cite recent data that shows one-third of vehicle crashes are due to excessive speed and reckless driving in Greater Sacramento. Sette accident lawyers also live here and know from observation that speed limits are frequently ignored. However, national data supports that casual observation. Referring to a 2012 AAA study, our injury and accident attorneys say that 49.3 percent of drivers admit to exceeding limits by 10 to 15 miles per hour. In regard to the rash of summertime accidents in Sacramento, our injury lawyers say that excessive speed was certainly a factor in some of the car accidents.

Attorneys at Sette Law include other driver behavior, such as road rage and driver fatigue, as catalysts for some Sacramento car accidents. Our lawyers report that one study indicates that about 37 percent of drivers admit to dozing off behind the wheel.  The dangers of encountering a fatigued driver are highest between 4 p.m. and sunrise in Sacramento. Our accident lawyers advise motorists, particularly on area freeways, to be conscious of this potential hazard and drive defensively in and around Sacramento.

Sette accident and injury lawyers, however, are particularly concerned about the prevalence of distracted driving throughout California and in Sacramento. Injury lawyers say a recent accident brings this danger close to home. In July a father was killed and his son critically injured while riding their bicycles, due to a distracted driving accident. Our lawyers say the driver of the car was allegedly reading a text message when he veered into the bike lane, killing the dad and injuring his eight-year-old son. To make a tragedy even worse, the victims were very recent immigrants – Afghan refugees who had fled ISIS to be safe in Sacramento.

And accident attorneys are Sette Law are painfully aware that distracted driving, in general, is a  major concern in California and, by extension, in Sacramento. Injury lawyers refer to the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) which reports that almost 53 percent of drivers admitted to “making a driving mistake while using a cell phone.”  In April 2013 alone, the California DMV reported 57,000 tickets had been written for distracted texting and cell phone use, and 426,000 convictions for violations were issued, our accident and injury lawyers report.  Alarmingly, the OTS reports that distracted driving is a factor in a full 80 percent of vehicle accidents. Attorneys at Sette Law believe this finding is very troubling. Distracted driving is entirely preventable – accidents and deaths that don’t have to happen in the state or in Sacramento.

Our injury lawyers are also aware that Sacramento has more than its share of motorists who run red lights, straight into an accident. Our attorneys even observe this behavior on their drive to our offices as drivers ignore the yellow lights and speed through when lights turn red. In California, the OTS says that almost two in five drivers admitted to doing so within a one-month period. In Sacramento, accident lawyers know that statistics show that most red light runners are young drivers. Nationwide, an insurance industry study indicated that running red lights was the cause of 22 percent of vehicle accidents. Lawyers point out this is a very high figure for a single source of car crashes. The NHTSA backs this opinion with stats – in 2008 the agency logged 2.3 million accidents at intersections.

Yet another danger on roads in the County of Sacramento, our accident lawyers remind us, is driving under the influence. Like distracted driving, this risk is entirely preventable but still continues to threaten drivers in Sacramento. Our accident lawyers say that in 2013 there were 214,828 DUI arrests. In 2008, DUI Drunk Driving Statistics reported a total of 2,397 traffic deaths in which at least one motorist had a blood alcohol level of 0.01 percent or above.

Our Sacramento injury attorneys are concerned about a pretty significant rise in these accidents from 2012 to 2013 in the city of Sacramento. Injury attorneys say that in 2012 there were 25 fatal car accidents – that number rose to 42 in 2013! Just as disturbing to Sette’s accident attorneys is the spike in DUI fatalities, from three in 2012 to 14 in 2013.  This is a very disturbing trend as recorded by City-Data.

At Sette Law, our personal injury attorneys represent people who have been physically and financially harmed in traffic accidents in which someone was negligent. As professional Sacramento accident lawyers, it’s our job to know as much about traffic accidents and driver behavior as possible. However, because we deal first-hand with victims who are suffering, our accident attorneys are personally aware of the profound pain that injuries and wrongful death can bring to people in our community. We feel it is our responsibility to educate drivers in Sacramento. Our injury lawyers care deeply about this community. We work with traffic statistics on a daily basis and we strive to reverse the trend our Sacramento accident attorneys have outlined in this blog.

Drunk Drivers Not Welcome in Sacramento

Accident attorneys at Sette Law begin this blog with a sobering statistic: According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, the number of people admitting they drove while drunk exceed the population of Texas. Our Sacramento injury lawyers say that number, 29.1 million people, shows the serious, often deadly results of driving under the influence.  Because personal injury attorneys deal with the tragic outcomes of a Sacramento DUI accident, our lawyers compiled data from several sources to help educate our community.

Sacramento accident lawyers often represent people injured and, in the most severe cases, families filing a suit for wrongful death. Our attorneys know that losing a loved one because someone chose to drink and drive is an emotionally devastating event that causes unbearable loss. Consequently, our Sacramento wrongful death lawyers want to focus on prevention. First, our accident attorneys offer recent data from Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and other organizations that track national DUI accidents.

The FBI reported in 2013 that 300,000 people drive while intoxicated per day. That alone is frightening, but Sacramento accident attorneys are even more concerned that just 4,000 of those offenders are arrested.  It’s also common knowledge among law enforcement and Sacramento DUI accident attorneys that many (about 33 percent) of those arrested are repeat offenders. And, most of the fatalities caused in DUI accidents, our lawyers say, happen at night. According to a 2011 NHTSA study, 36 percent of crashes happened at night compared to eight percent during the day. Our Sacramento injury lawyers say the agency’s 2014 data indicates that 28 people die each day due to DUI accidents. Attorneys cite NHTSA’s 2013 survey showing that 290,000 people were injured and more than 10,000 died in DUI crashes that year. Our Sacramento accident lawyers say that MADD reports that their organizations across the U.S. help a survivor or victim of a DUI accident every 8.6 minutes.

Our Sacramento accident and injury attorneys believe statistics such as these should be common knowledge, but are not.  When studies show that two out of three people will, in their lifetime, experience an accident in which alcohol played a role, Sacramento DUI lawyers say that everyone should be very worried.

Teenagers at High Risk in Sacramento

Accident attorneys encourage parents, schools and local communities to take a serious look at the statistics regarding teenage drinking. A study out of Michigan showed that nearly 50 percent of 10th graders and 30 percent of eighth-graders admit to drinking. Our Sacramento DUI attorneys also referenced another study published by the National Academies Press that concluded teenagers using alcohol played a role in 4,700 deaths a year. Particularly troubling, according to our Sacramento injury lawyers, is binge drinking by teens as highlighted in the study – while one out of six kids admits to binge drinking, only one out of 100 parents thinks their teen may indulge in this dangerous activity.

Sacramento DUI lawyers at Sette Law believe these high numbers indicate there is a serious problem with teen alcohol use in the nation and in Sacramento. Injury attorneys urge parents to be more involved and realistic about the pressures their teen may feel to drink alcohol. Our DUI lawyers know only too well the unspeakable family tragedy of a DUI accident. 

Our injury attorneys add that it isn’t just the teenage years that show heightened risk. Young drivers in general seem vulnerable to drinking and driving accidents. Lawyers cite a 2011 survey by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration showing that the “rate of drunk driving is highest among 21-25 year olds.” Sacramento accident attorneys point out this study is supported by NHSTA data, showing a 32 percent rate of drunk driving for this approximate age group.

Education May Reduce DUI Accidents
Although our Sacramento DUI lawyers discourage the practice of drinking and driving, we feel it’s good for people to know more about how alcohol effects the body and brain. On average, people can metabolize about one drink per hour without alcohol playing a role in an accident. Our attorneys further explain that it’s not the kind of alcohol imbibed, but rather, how much is taken over a period of time. Sacramento accident and injury attorneys urge people to monitor alcohol consumption and to never risk an accident. Our attorneys add that people should be aware that nothing counteracts the effects of alcohol, other than time – not coffee, strenuous exercise or a cold shower will help to prevent a potentially deadly DUI accident.

Attorneys representing the victims and loved ones of a drunk driving accident know that alcohol dramatically effects the brain and, consequently, the body. Our Sacramento injury lawyers regularly call expert witnesses in DUI cases to attest to impacts such as slowed reaction time, impaired vision, and hazy thinking that lead to a DUI accident. Our attorneys say that alcohol damages neurons in the brain – affecting normal connections that impact judgment and lead to accidents. Attorneys know that alcohol can actually move from circulating in the blood to the brain. The changes caused can turn a normally cautious driver into one who is ripe for a DUI accident. Lawyers further add that teens are at even greater risk of harm because their brains are still developing. Essentially, our Sacramento accident and injury lawyers know from courtroom experience, that no one is immune from the effects of excessive alcohol consumption and the high risk of a vehicle accident.

Lawyers Look for Sobering Solutions
Although MADD has been an effective national leader in the fight against drunk driving, the organization can’t manage the threat alone. Our Sacramento DUI attorneys say that educators, community groups and parents must be part of the solution to prevent DUI accidents. Our lawyers say that drunk driving is a community problem, one that requires attention and participation from all quarters. It’s our hope that, as Sacramento wrongful death and accident attorneys, we can help increase awareness of the significant effects of driving under the influence. And, as parents, our Sacramento injury lawyers believe we must begin early and inside our own homes with education and support so that tomorrow’s teens will face a safer future behind the wheel.

Early Spring may bring More Sacramento Motorcycle Accidents

Accident attorneys at Sette Law in Sacramento are well aware of the sobering statistics – in car crashes and solo accidents the biggest loser is almost always the rider of a motorcycle. Injury lawyers personally deal with the pain and disabilities inherent in most vehicle verses motorcycle accidents and we feel the time is now, as early as April, to remind all drivers to be aware of the risks faced by Sacramento motorcycle riders.

Attorneys work with statistics compiled by state law enforcement and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Unfortunately, our Sacramento accident lawyers report that motorcycle riders experience much higher accident rates than do drivers of automobiles. The NTHSA reports that out of 100,000 car accidents in 2006 – 13.10 involved fatalities. Our Sacramento injury attorneys say the comparison to motorcycle deaths in crashes is staggering – 72.34 percent per 100,000 crashes.

As Sacramento injury lawyers who also appreciate and participate in the recreational sport of motorcycle riding, we want to offer a few more sobering statistics. In 2012 motorcycle accidents rose 7.1 percent over the previous year with 4,957 deaths due to motorcycle accidents. Furthermore, injury lawyers say the NHTSA calculates bike riders are 26 times more apt than vehicle occupants to die in a motorcycle accident. Our injury attorneys also point out that motorcyclists face a five-fold greater risk of injury in an accident. In fact, in 2012, 93,000 people recorded injuries due to a motorcycle accident. Our Sacramento injury lawyers think these statistics are pretty compelling.

Sacramento Injury Lawyers note Disproportionate Injury Rates
In addition, older riders seem to be disproportionally represented in motorcycle accidents. Our attorneys point out that NHTSA data from 2011 indicates 56 percent of bike riders killed were over 40 years old. One reason may be the popular of bigger heavier bikes among more mature riders. Large ‘touring’ type bikes have a greater tendency to roll over in a motorcycle accident. Our Sacramento accident lawyers also attribute the increase of injury to older riders to more fragile physical condition that can come with age. Our Sacramento injury lawyers say the data supports the heightened risk for mature riders – between 2002 and 2011, there was a 78 percent increase in deaths to riders over the age of 40 in motorcycle accidents. Injury attorneys compare this to deaths over the same period to younger riders, which declined.

However, our Sacramento accident lawyers point out that there is an exception. In 2007, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says that riders of “Super Bikes,” that can reach speeds of 190 mph, had a four times higher rate of death rate in motorcycle accidents. Lawyers say this may be due to a couple of factors – speed, of course, and inexperienced young riders.
Our Sacramento injury attorneys understand the allure of motorcycles – our region is a great place to enjoy the freedom and excitement of riding a motorcycle. Accidents, both our attorneys and safety officials say, are preventable, and conscientious riders can enjoy the freedom of motor bikes by employing effective safety measures.

For example, helmets can significantly reduce the severity of injury or of death in a motorcycle accident. Injury lawyers know that head injuries are the number one cause of death in motorcycle accidents. Compared to a rider wearing a helmet, a rider not wearing an approved helmet faces a 40 percent greater chance of death in a Sacramento motorcycle accident. Attorneys also point to a 15 percent increase of a serious injury to riders with no helmet. Our Sacramento accident lawyers see this mitigation as both easy and affordable for motorcycle riders throughout our community.

Our Sacramento injury attorneys also look to motorcycle associations for tips about safe riding. One group states that most accidents are caused by a car turning left in front of a motorcycle. Accident attorneys point out that motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable on this kind of crash. Avoiding this situation calls for extreme awareness on the part of the motorcyclist in order to avoid a Sacramento accident. Our attorneys say this is also true when it comes to lane changes. Automobile drivers may not notice a motorcyclist and precipitously dart over into the bike rider’s lane. Again, our Sacramento injury lawyers say it’s in the motorcyclist’s best interest to survey traffic constantly and anticipate movements that could lead to a motorcycle accident.

Injury attorneys know that it seems a bit ‘unfair’ that so much responsibility be placed on the motorcyclist. However, considering the statistics on death and injury it’s clear the rider has the most to lose in a Sacramento motorcycle accident. Our injury attorneys also want to highlight another very serious threat to motorcyclists, one that can easily be avoided! NHTSA figures for 2012 that show about 27 percent of fatalities were legally drunk at the time of their motorcycle accident. Injury lawyers say that 2,000 of those fatalities were due to single-car crashes. An astounding 43 percent of riders were alcohol impaired. Sacramento injury lawyers add that the incidence is even higher on weekend evenings when authorities recorded an increase of 64 percent of rider fatalities registering inebriated at the time of the motorcycle accident.

Sacramento injury attorneys may be pointing out the obvious – but drinking alcohol and driving a motorcycle is a high risk recipe for disaster. When alcohol plays a role in a motorcycle accident, lawyers know that judgment is impaired and the rider may be the actual cause of the motorcycle accident. Attorneys say that following vehicles too closely or pushing the bike to excessive speed, can lead to the bike rider being held liable for a Sacramento motorcycle accident.

Our injury attorneys at Sette Law, like so many people in our region, appreciate the thrill of riding a motorcycle. However, our profession also highlights the serious nature of any motorcycle accident. Lawyers regularly work with the often painful aftermath of accidents. Our injury attorneys are consequently involved in the details and statistics about motorcycle accidents. Thus, we know that riders are vulnerable and bear great responsibility for their own safety.

Be Informed about Sacramento Car Accidents

Attorneys at Sette Law are immersed in the complexities and nuances of Sacramento car accidents. Our lawyers know that people outside the legal profession are unaware of many details regarding accident law until they, or someone they love, experiences an accident and a resulting personal injury. Our attorneys say that having basic information about car accident law is useful for any driver in Sacramento.

Accident injury lawyers report that a 2012 CHP report documented 2,995 deaths in car accidents in California and 226,544 persons injured. Sacramento accident attorneys also point out that people involved in accidents not only suffer physical injuries but also can endure significant economic harm. And, personal injury lawyers say innocent victims as well as the driver who bears responsibility can face costly or painful repercussions as the result of a Sacramento accident.

Personal injury attorneys can help accident victims receive fair compensation for a variety of losses such as damage to vehicles, costs of medical treatment, legal representation and loss of income. Sacramento car accident lawyers also represent family members whose loved one has died in a car accident. In such wrongful death cases, lawyers can seek compensation for emotional damage, loss of support, love, companionship and financial support. In Sacramento wrongful death actions, attorneys will have to prove the defendant was negligent and that this negligence caused the accident. Injury lawyers know that the concept of Negligence is not always easy to establish.

This is also true in personal injury actions. Attorneys seek to show that a driver accused of causing the accident didn’t show “reasonable care” and that behavior led to the Sacramento car accident. Lawyers know that the concept of “reasonable care” is vague and often debated. The plaintiff’s injury attorney often faces strong argument from the defendant’s accident lawyer. If the debate ends in stalemate, the matter could end up in a jury trial.  

And, that’s not the only challenge faced by the plaintiff in a Sacramento personal injury lawsuit. Attorneys also must show that injuries suffered were directly caused by the car accident. Lawyers for the defendant might argue that an injury was pre-existing, or that it only happened because the plaintiff didn’t seek immediate medical care after the Sacramento accident. Attorneys for the defense pull out all stops to show that injuries were unrelated to the car accident.

Personal injury attorneys who succeed in proving the direct relationship between the accident and injury and prevail in court, can collect damages from the defendant’s insurance carrier. Our Sacramento Personal injury lawyers know that California law requires that drivers have at least minimum liability insurance covering themselves and drivers of their vehicles. Our Sacramento car accident lawyers say this is a $15,000 injury/death policy and $5000 for property damage resulting from a car accident. Attorneys point out that this minimum coverage applies to both California and out-of-state drivers. Interestingly, personal injury lawyers add that the insurance requirement applies to drivers with invalid driver licenses and people with no license at all! Drivers who cannot provide proof of insurance will have their licenses suspended for 12 months if they are involved in a Sacramento car accident.

Attorneys say that insurance companies also have legal responsibilities to drivers they insure. Sacramento personal injury lawyers are aware of these legal requirements, but most consumers do not know that their insurance companies have specific obligations that protect consumers. Sorting through the details of insurance law requires experienced personal injury attorneys who help car accident victims whose insurance carriers may not be fulfilling their legal obligations.

Sacramento Injury Lawyers consider Truck Accident Data

Major freeways lace around and through Sacramento. Our injury lawyers at Sette law want to draw attention to trucking accidents that are a tragic byproduct of being part of a major interstate highway system. Our Sacramento accident attorneys know that in a big rig verses car collision, it’s the car and driver that usually sustains the greatest damage and injury. But injury lawyers are very aware that motorists often contribute to Sacramento truck accidents. Our attorneys have been involved in many cases in which motorists simply don’t respect the power of big rigs or the challenges faced by truck drivers passing through Sacramento.
Injury lawyers report that CHP data, from 2008 – 2012, shows approximately 200 people have been injured or killed in truck accidents each year. Add this to the statewide figure of 7,500 to 8,700 injured or killed and it’s clear that we should all pay more attention to public safety and trucking accidents. Injury lawyers also add that the figures for injuries reported by the CHP are probably lower than reality because many smaller accidents remain unreported statewide and in Sacramento. Our accident lawyers are gratified that local figures are much lower than those reported for the County of Los Angeles, but we think our region can do more to prevent truck accidents.

Our attorneys point out that Sacramento County is a thoroughfare for transportation with several highway routes – including eight state highways and Interstates 5, 80, US 50 and 99.  This means that truck traffic is significant and with heavy commuter traffic, everyone must drive defensively to avoid Sacramento accidents. Our attorneys urge motorists and professional truckers to respect each other’s presence on roadways in Sacramento.

Injury attorneys look at driver behavior that contributes to Sacramento truck accidents. Our lawyers believe both truckers as well as motorists can create safer conditions for each other. Professional drivers of big rigs receive training and special licensing. Our injury lawyers think motorists should also be better educated about driving safely in high speeds on freeway environments throughout the County of Sacramento. Accident attorneys know that big rig drivers face many challenges due to the nature of their vehicles.

Nationwide, approximately 600 truckers are killed every year. Our Sacramento accident attorneys say the trucking industry educates and trains drivers, but the very nature of big rigs contributes to very serious accidents. Our injury lawyers know that driving a big rig is strenuous and demanding, requiring specific skills and strength. Professional truckers are trained to use turn signals far in advance of lane changes and turns. They know that sudden changes can lead to deadly accidents. Our injury lawyers suggest that vehicle drivers pay attention to trucker’s signals and to trucker’s rear view mirrors.  Motorists should be aware a trucker’s ‘blind spot’ is significantly bigger than that of a family car driving a freeway in Sacramento. Our injury attorneys also say drivers should recognize that the weight of big rigs makes it impossible for them to ‘stop on a dime.’ If a vehicle driver cuts sharply on front of a trucker, causing him to apply his brakes suddenly, there is the risk of an accident. Injury lawyers say too few motorists realize what it takes to safely drive a big rig in Sacramento.

Personal injury attorneys also recognize that not all truckers adhere to the industry’s safety rules. Long distance trucking sometimes leaves drivers rushing to meet deadlines with too little sleep. Pressure to deliver products can be powerful motivation, leading to serious or deadly freeway accidents in Sacramento. Our injury attorneys urge long haul drivers to make safety paramount over deadlines to prevent trucking accidents.

Injury attorneys believe that safety on our freeways is a shared responsibility. Automobile drivers should understand how difficult it is to maneuver a massive big rig, and give truck drivers the space they need. Our Sacramento personal injury lawyers also point out that professional big rig drivers have a responsibility to consistently adhere to all rules of the road, and to respect public safety. Trucking accidents happen on freeways of Sacramento, our injury lawyers say, when a driver of a car or a truck stops paying attention to their responsibility on the road.

When an accident does happen, our Sacramento injury lawyers advise drivers to keep some basic points in mind. We know that emotions often run high in the aftermath of a crash, but our personal injury attorneys suggest that parties involved keep cool heads and don’t engage in arguments or discussion about the Sacramento accident. Lawyers know from experience that words exchanged in such circumstances can come back to haunt accident victims in the courtroom. Simply share contact and insurance information, resist debating over fault and make no apologies. Our Sacramento injury lawyers also suggest that, if it is safe to do so, parties can capture images of the accident scene with a smart phone or camera. However, since trucking accidents are often serious, Sacramento injury attorneys remind people that medical attention is the most immediate concern.

As Sacramento personal injury attorneys we know that liability in collisions is often complicated. Sometimes fault belongs clearly to an individual driver in a trucking accident. But injury attorneys know that liability can also be shared. People involved in an accident can help accident injury attorneys by keeping clear heads, recording information, names and conditions.

But, most important is for all drivers to respect the power they have behind the wheel to either prevent or cause a Sacramento accident. Our lawyers work and live in this community too, and we have a stake in the safety of our family and our community. Although our Sacramento personal injury attorneys focus on accident law, our greatest desire is to enjoy a secure and safe environment. Given that our region is home to so many major freeways and highways, it’s inevitable that Sacramento truck accidents occur. Injury accident lawyers at Sette Law stand ready to help and support accident victims but prefer, instead, to focus on prevention that builds safer communities. Our injury lawyers look to trucking industry and Sacramento drivers to share our roadways and our desire for safety.

Sacramento Wrongful Death Lawyers advocate for Justice

From working on behalf of families who have lost a loved one due to the fault of others, our Sacramento wrongful death attorneys know how difficult and devastating this kind of death can be. For many people the emotional healing process has barely begun before they must move to file a claim with a wrongful death lawyer – in California the statute of limitations is a mere two years. Consequently, our Sacramento wrongful death attorneys must be prepared to handle emotional issues as they build a case based on evidence.

At Sette Law, our wrongful death attorneys specialize in this complicated arena of law to best support our clients in Sacramento. In wrongful death claims our lawyers work to clearly show that intentional or careless acts, negligence or recklessness caused the death of a person.

Traffic accidents, medical malpractice, airplane crashes and automobile accidents are among the most common causes our Sacramento wrongful death attorneys handle. However, there is no limit on the circumstances and sources involved in a wrongful death. Our wrongful death lawyers have levied suits against manufacturers, engineering firms and builders (among others) in Sacramento. Our wrongful death attorneys explain that individuals, organizations, agencies and corporations can be subject to lawsuits in Sacramento.

Wrongful death attorneys must be able to prove that negligence caused the death of a loved one and, further, that the plaintiff stands to suffer emotional hardship and financial adversity as a result of the wrongful death.

Lawyers work to gain compensation for many losses for plaintiffs in Sacramento. Our wrongful death attorneys know that no amount of money will ever compensate for the death of a loved one. This is particularly true when the loss is the result of an egregious wrongful death. Our lawyers have experienced the complicated emotions connected in wrongful death actions – attorneys know that not only grief but also anger is often present, and justified. Given tragic circumstances, the best we can do is lighten the emotional burden by taking away financial concerns, freeing our client to grieve and work toward healing.

Sacramento wrongful death attorneys may win payment for several factors related to a wrongful death such as medical and funeral expenses. But other costs can also be considered in a wrongful death including loss of financial support within a household in Sacramento. Our wrongful death lawyers additionally look for important, and immeasurable, factors – loss of love, moral support and companionship. Among the most important damages our Sacramento wrongful death attorneys fight in court to gain is punitive damages due to negligence of the defendant. This factor is often paramount for our Sacramento wrongful death clients.

Lawyers look for Clear Liability
Our Sacramento wrongful death attorneys have represented clients against a wide variety of defendants. Tragic deaths that happen due to the negligence of others can occur almost anywhere. Among the most common scenarios handled by our Sacramento wrongful death lawyers is the loss of a loved one due to the negligence of a driver in a car crash, or the liability of the driver’s employer. Other incidents involving vehicles include the builders or designers of roads or even public agencies responsible for signage in Sacramento. Wrongful death lawyers handle all-too-frequent cases in which alcohol played a role in Sacramento. Here, wrongful death attorneys may look to individuals who provided alcohol to the victim or to the business owner or home owner where alcohol was served.

Currently, our Sacramento wrongful death attorneys are monitoring developments in cases involving car manufacturers – one of 2012’s biggest, ongoing new stories. By the end of the year up to 17 million cars were recalled due to faulty airbags made by Takata Corporation including many popular makes driven here in Sacramento. Our wrongful death and injury lawyers say a handful of deaths and scores of injuries are already documented. Takata, distributors and potentially car dealers may be held responsible in any related wrongful deaths. Our attorneys, along with the nation, watch with interest as Congress steps in to order a potential nationwide recall of impacted vehicles in Sacramento. Wrongful death attorneys are already handling cases on the East Coast and more relevant cases are likely to emerge over time.

Medical malpractice is yet another source of wrongful death actions. Sacramento wrongful death attorneys consider some basic principle in medical malpractice, wrongful death claims. Attorneys must establish a doctor-patient relationship existed and that the physician’s negligence led to the Sacramento wrongful death. Lawyers must sift through many details of complex laws.
Whatever the source, a Sacramento wrongful death, our lawyers know all too well, is a difficult action for families in mourning. However, in our experience, loved ones frequently engage a Sacramento wrongful death attorney because they seek to prevent others from having the same experience. Particularly when it comes to large entities, such as corporations and mega-business interests who have contributed to a wrongful death, surviving family may feel a responsibility to alert the public about negligence that led to a Sacramento wrongful death.

Lawyers generally represent certain classes of people in a wrongful death lawsuit. Of course, immediate family members, committed partners and dependents can usually file in a wrongful death. Our attorneys also work with people who suffer financial losses such as support or care. These plaintiffs may or may not be related to the individual who suffered a wrongful death.
Within each category of wrongful death, attorneys have numerous factors and conditions to establish. In any Sacramento wrongful death lawsuit, a lawyer has demanding and specific criteria that underlie each case. As with many legal issues, our Sacramento wrongful death attorneys must understand the nuances of each case and the legal precedents to the claim. But in any Sacramento wrongful death lawsuit there is an emotional element that goes beyond the scope of many other court actions. At Sette Law, our Sacramento wrongful death attorneys must move beyond the requirements of law and employ a different set of skills. Wrongful death lawyers must embark upon their work with compassion, understanding and a commitment to our clients in Sacramento. Certainly, we realize there is little else in life worse than a wrongful death – our attorneys are dedicated to supporting surviving loved ones so that they can move forward in their lives.   

Dealing with a Car Accident in Sacramento

Personal injury attorneys with Sette Law frequently work with victims of car accidents in Sacramento. Accident lawyers deal with the outcome of missteps on the part of injured victims in the immediate aftermath of the accident – a crucial time for car accident victims to be savvy and use good judgment. Our Sacramento car accident attorneys advise drivers to be educated about the dynamics that happen after a crash in which they are injured. According to personal injury lawyers, there are a few basic practices motorists should keep in mind in case they are involved in a car accident in Sacramento.

Car accident lawyers advise, first and foremost, that drivers do not engage in conversation (or argument) about which driver was at fault in the car accident. Our Sacramento injury attorneys say this might be a first instinct – to apologize or to accept blame. Even though courts may not allow such statements, calling them “hearsay,” our personal injury lawyers know that exceptions have (and will) be made. If you feel that you’ve been injured in a car accident, our lawyers say it’s better to be a listener than it is to do the talking. We know that in the heat of the moment this might be a challenge for victims in Sacramento, but car accident attorneys too often hear a plaintiff’s words come back to haunt them in court.

Our Sacramento injury attorneys suggest that car accident victims listen carefully to any statements made by the other driver. You might also use a recording device on your cell phone to help you remember the important details of the car accident; your personal injury attorney will be grateful. Also, someone injured in a car accident is usually under great stress which makes recall more difficult. With a recording (or accurate notes) our Sacramento personal injury lawyers will be able to build a more accurate account of the car accident that caused your injury.

In addition, use your cell phone to take photos and video of the car accident scene. Attorneys will appreciate any evidence that captures the details and the surroundings. Trite as at sounds, our Sacramento personal injury lawyers know from experience, that a picture is worth a thousand words!

Another common mistake our Sacramento accident attorneys see is when a victim, thinking she has only a minor injury, does not get medical attention. Physicians know that car accident injuries sometimes don’t immediately manifest. Car accident injuries often cause what’s commonly known as “whiplash,” with pain and mobility problems showing up hours, or even days, after an accident. Our Sacramento accident lawyers say it’s smart to take this extra precaution, even if you feel “okay.” Should you neglect to get yourself checked out by a physician, the accident attorney representing the other driver can allege that you were not hurt enough to seek medical help right after the car accident.

Of course, you don’t need a Sacramento accident attorney to tell you to get the other driver’s critical information such as driver’s license number, car license and insurance contacts. But, do not underestimate the work it may take you as a car accident victim in Sacramento, to receive compensation for medical and other expenses incurred by you. This is definitely where you need the expertise of a Sacramento car accident attorney who specializes in personal injury law.

Establishing Liability in a Sacramento Car Accident
Lawyers are aware that state laws usually govern traffic accidents. Lawsuits usually require proof of  “negligence” that caused personal injury in a car accident. As a Sacramento car accident victim, your attorney will provide evidence the defendant’s negligence caused physical harm to you and damage to property. This process requires your Sacramento accident lawyer prove the following principles: a: Harm, B: Causation, C: Breach, D: Duty. Let’s look briefly at each of these items.

Harm: Our Sacramento injury lawyer must prove that the defendant's actions harmed you physically and/or caused harm to your property. Without the support of a personal injury attorney, the defendant’s lawyer may allege your injury is unrelated to the car accident – and be able to support that allegation with evidence you are unprepared to counter without a Sacramento personal injury lawyer at your side.
Causation: It’s the job of your personal injury attorney to show the accident was directly responsible for injuries suffered in a Sacramento car accident. Lawyers may call medical experts to attest to the fact the car accident did, in fact, inflict the injuries.
Breach:  Personal injury lawyers will seek to prove that the defendant failed to obey traffic laws, drove in a reckless manner or otherwise failed to follow his or her legal obligation as a driver. A Sacramento injury lawyer may show evidence such as skid marks at the accident scene or evidence the defendant was driving under the influence at the time of the accident.
Duty: This is the underlying principle understood by our Sacramento accident attorneys. It simply means that drivers are obligated to obey traffic laws, drive safely within speed limits and generally adhere to the rules of the road everywhere, including Sacramento.

Personal injury lawyers develop expertise in car accident litigation which is anything but simple. Just this brief summary of the dynamics of personal injury lawsuits shows how many elements must be in place for a car accident victim to be compensated for financial losses. Our Sacramento car accident lawyers urge victims to contact a legal professional rather than face the defendant’s trained personal injury attorney in court alone. There are many missteps, both large and small, that Sacramento injury attorneys know how to avoid. A good personal injury lawyer will help a car accident victim receive just compensation for medical bills, damages to property and other losses. In addition, an experienced car accident lawyer can advise accident victims about the equity of settlements offered and also protect your individual rights.

Our Sacramento personal injury lawyers at Sette law are highly experienced in representing car accident victims. Lawyers here understand the dynamics of lawsuits that conclude with a verdict or a settlement. It’s our job as professional car accident attorneys to use our professional focus on car accident law and personal injury to benefit clients through compassionate, yet strong, representation.


Sacramento Injury Lawyers follow GM’s Continuing Recall Saga

At Sette Law, our Sacramento car accident lawyers watch in amazement as GM recalls continue to mount and some responsibility is shared with federal regulators. A spotlight now falls upon the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) with allegations it was aware of some GM defects years before GM issued a nationwide recall that includes owners in Sacramento. Injury lawyers are concerned that NHTSA’s vigilance fell short of reporting failures in ignition switches that failed and cut off power to airbags in some GM models. Sacramento car accident lawyers have long looked to the NHTSA for reliable information about safety on the streets and freeways of Sacramento. Now, personal injury attorneys learn that a congressional report faults the agency for not making public their findings in 2007.

This revelation comes as GM recalls in 2014 mount to 39 million, impacting drivers everywhere, including Sacramento. Car accident lawyers at Sette Law note that the NHTSA continued to investigate crashes of GM cars related to faulty ignition switches without highlighting the issue until GM itself finally went public.  Our Sacramento personal injury lawyers point out that an NHTSA deputy administrator claims GM cloaked problems by not using the term “defect” in its reporting to NHTSA about the switches. Nonetheless, Sacramento car accident lawyers understand that, as a government agency, the NHTSA has the responsibility of public trust and must live up to that for car owners in Sacramento.

Car accident lawyers also note that the NHTSA had also bestowed a “five Star” crash safety rating on the Chevy Cruze which was later recalled for airbag defects.  This is not the quality of service expected of the NHTSA by drivers in Sacramento.

Injury Lawyers watch Settlement Challenge
Further complicating the GM saga is a recent court decision that was decided in favor of the family of a young woman killed in the 2010 crash of her Chevy Cobalt. Sacramento injury attorneys say the family had arrived at a settlement with GM a few months before the ignition switch defect was made public and recalls were launched. The recent lawsuit sought to overturn the settlement so that the family could move forward with legal action. According to our Sacramento injury lawyers, it was the family’s accident attorneys that hired an expert engineering firm to analyze the mechanics of the Cobalt switch. They discovered the switch had been redesigned to prevent failure, substantiating the family’s claim that GM was aware of the defect leading to their daughter’s death. The court agreed and, Sacramento car accident lawyers say the family is moving forward toward a trial that could impact similar claims in Sacramento. Our injury lawyers say that GM expressed disappointment with the court ruling and claimed they had made the earlier settlement “…in good faith.”

GM Fights to Minimize Liability
Parties suffering injury and loss due to GM defects should be aware that GM mounts its own defense against liability, according to Sacramento car accident lawyers at Sette Law. For example, the company refuses to accept responsibility for the death of a back seat passenger in the 2006 crash of a Cobalt. GM injury attorneys limit their liability only to the young woman driving the vehicle because the Cobalt had front seat, not back seat, airbags. Our Sacramento personal injury attorneys believe this corporate approach is grossly unfair to both families who loss of daughters is equal, regardless of where they were seated in the deadly accident caused by the ignition switch defect.

Victims and their families, according to Sacramento personal injury attorneys, will have to be prepared for a vigorous legal battle as GM seeks to minimize its costs and responsibility.

Alert for Chevy Cruze Owners in Sacramento

Personal injury attorneys at Sette Law are keeping a close eye on the recent recall of Chevy Cruze vehicles with airbags made by Takata Corp., headquartered in Japan. To date, GM has recalled 33,000 Cruze vehicles made in 2013 – 2014.

The problem is not related to GM’s other massive recalls involving airbags, and our Sacramento injury lawyers point out the result of the defect is also different. According to a personal injury lawsuit filed on behalf of Brandi Owens, a car accident victim in Georgia, the Takata airbags can explode with excessive force causing grave injury to drivers or passengers. Our Sacramento car accident lawyers also point out the drivers-side airbags can “rupture” and expel metal fragments which prevent the bag from inflating. The Georgia woman lost her sight in one eye due to the defective airbag.

At Sette law, our Sacramento car accident lawyers monitor the work of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to stay current with the agency’s investigations and findings. In the Georgia case, the NHTSA probe made it clear this Takata defect is different from the massive airbag-related GM recall earlier this year that affected car owners in Sacramento.

Personal injury attorneys are challenged to follow recall actions that now involve numerous car makers from Asia and Europe to the streets of Sacramento. Personal injury attorneys observe that in June, Japanese firms such as Honda and others issued global recalls for nearly 3 million cars based on airbag problems. Our Sacramento car accident lawyers point out that, thus far, 10.5 million cars equipped with Takata airbags have been recalled worldwide. Less publicized is the precautionary recall of BMW 3 Series cars, also equipped with Takata Airbags, according to our Sacramento injury lawyers.

The circumstances of the Owens lawsuit are cause for concern for drivers in Sacramento. Car accident lawyers in our firm pay attention to vehicles with Takata airbags, regardless of the make of the car. According to police reports, Brandi Owens was at an intersection and traveling at a slow rate of speed that should not have triggered an airbag. But, the bag exploded and careened into the back seat of the Chevy Cruze.

At Sette Law, our Sacramento personal injury attorneys look beyond immediate events to the underlying causes and commonly shared circumstances of car accidents, particularly in cases such as the flurry of airbag defects that could harm drivers in Sacramento.  Car accident lawyers must not only be able to advocate for victims in court but also possess a breadth of knowledge about similar cases nationwide. Our Sacramento injury lawyers develop this broad expertise so that we can help car accident victims receive fair and just compensation for their injuries.