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Corte Madera Class Aims At Reducing Car Accidents

As the result of numerous fatal and serious California car accidents, Corte Madera has started the Start Smart safe driving program designed to teach teen drivers about road safety and the dangers of drunk driving. One person attending was from Novato High School where a drunk driving accident recently claimed the life of a classmate.

One method the Smart Start program uses to teach about the effects of drinking on your driving skills is to provide goggles that simulate the effects of being intoxicated. Wearing the goggles, students are instructed to try to complete common field sobriety tests. They also shown instructional - and frightening - films such as "Red Asphalt" designed to warn teens about the dangers of drink and driving, as well as distracted driving.

According to the Novato Patch, teens account for 14% of traffic deaths in California, with the most common reasons being drunk driving and distracted driving. Statistically distracted driving has been shown to be more dangerous than drunk driving due in large part to the frequency teens text and drive and the misguided belief that you can send "a quick text" without losing focus on the road.

As a California personal injury attorney I support classes such as these that educate teens about the real dangers associated with driving and try to prevent future serious accidents and deaths.

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