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Deadly Off-Road Race Raises Questions Of Liability

Nearly a year after the deadly off-road accident in California’s Mojave Desert, questions concerning fault and just what went wrong that fatal evening remain. Brett Sloppy – a driver of a truck that ran into the crowd of spectators killing eight – believes that the incident was an accident.

According to KCBS, Sloppy notes that the steering wheel of his truck was “ripped out of his hands” after it jumped a stretch of the track known as the “rockpile.” He attributes this to an accident. Eight people died and dozens of others were injured after the truck slammed into the crowd and landed on its roof.

Questions have been raised concerning numerous different factors such as were the spectators allowed to get too close to the race? Did spectators disregard warnings? Did the U.S. Bureau of Land Management take the necessary precautions? Did race promoters follow proper protocol?

Here, several avenues of fault may exist. First, an internal investigation has shown that the Bureau of Land Management did not adequately monitor the race and failed to follow all the necessary procedures. Further, only one ranger was on patrol. Spectators crowded the course.

As Sloppy notes, “That was… the worst sight in my life and I never want to see that again.” Whenever any tragedy occurs, it is important to uncover the reasons behind an accident and do what is possible to prevent a similar incident from recurring.

Hopefully with all the attention garnered from this event, safety measures will be put in place to avoid future accidents.

Sloppy notes, “I didn’t want to hide, I wanted to get out and say my apologies.”

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