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Investigation Continues Into Costa Concordia Cruise Ship Disaster

As more bodies are pulled from the wreckage, the investigation into the Costa Concordia cruise ship accident continues with more company executives coming under investigation for possible negligent conduct. News reports that just last week an additional 8 more bodies were found and 7 remain unaccounted for.

The cruise ship accident occurred off the Italian Coast a little over a month ago. More that 4200 passengers had to be evacuated after a rock tore a hole in the shop and capsized the boat. At least 25 people have died. As the result of the accident, several civil negligence lawsuits have been filed including a Florida class action lawsuit alleging fraud and gross negligence.

Accidents happen when you least expect them. When accidents happen while on vacation or in a foreign country, those harmed are often confused about where to turn, what help exists and question their legal rights. Consulting with a knowledgeable Stockton personal injury lawyer is an important first step to provide personal injury answers and resources.

Several important issues are raised when boating accidents and cruise ship accident occur, including: Where can I file a boat accident lawsuit? What laws govern my cruise ship claim? Who is responsible for my cruise ship injuries? These are complex questions and require the assistance of a top boating injury attorney. The good news is that in many situations, those injured may be able to recover compensation for the harmed caused.

In the months to come, families and passengers will continue to seek information about just what happened on the Costa Concordia.

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