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NTSB Pushing For Stricter Helmet Laws To Decrease Motorcycle Accident Injuries

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is pushing for greater awareness regarding motorcycle safety as well as advocating mandatory helmet laws. According to a USA Today article, more than 12 motorcyclist die each day in the United States from motorcycle accidents, with head injuriesas the leading cause of death.

California is one of 20 states in the country that require all riders to wear helmets. 27 other states only require helmets for those under 18, while three states – Illinois, Iowa and New Hampshire – have no helmet laws whatsoever. Over the last several years motorcycle deaths have continued to increase with the exception of last year, which several experts attribute to the economy.

A recent article in the Press-Democrat further notes that in California, motorcycle deaths have double since 2000, from 276 to 560 in 2008.

Setting aside statistics for a moment, for your own personal safety wearing a motorcycle helmet is critical. If you are in a crash, nothing protects your head from serious impact and trauma if you fail to wear a helmet.

As a California motorcycle accident attorney, I have seen far too many life-threatening injuries result from motorcycle crashes. Even if traveling in a state that doesn’t require you to wear a helmet, please consider wearing one.

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