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National Bike Safety Month Promotes Safety Tips To Prevent Bike Accidents

The month of May has been designated National Bike Safety Month, and is designed to increase bicyclist’s awareness of potential dangers with an eye toward improving safety and reducing the number of bicycle accidents.

As a Stockton bike accident attorney and cycling enthusiast, I support efforts to improve the safety of everyone sharing the road, be it bicyclists, pedestrians, cars, trucks, busses or motorcyclists.

Recently several Bay Area bike accidents have been in the news, drawing attention to the potential for serious injury. Some of the tips offered as the result of National Bike Safety Month include:

• Follow the rules of the road – ride with traffic and obey traffic laws;

• Be visible – Wear bright clothing, use lights or reflectors and wear reflective clothing;

• Be predictable – Avoid making sudden turns or weaving in and out of traffic;

• Use “defensive bike” – Be aware of traffic around you and be prepared to take evasive action to avoid crashes; and

• Wear a properly fitted helmet

Hopefully as bicycling increases in popularity and safety measures are followed by both cyclists and drivers, the number of accidents will decrease.

For more information, or if you have been injured in aCalifornia bike accident, please contact the Law Office of Frederick J. Sette.