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Questions Raised Concerning Uber’s Liability In Car Accident That Injured Pedestrian

According to California news, a black Lincoln Town Car collided with a Dodge Charger on Divisadero Street in California. Following the collision, the Charger flew through the intersection, knocking into a fire hydrant. The fire hydrant was then dislodged, flying into the air and striking a pedestrian.

The injured pedestrian has filed a personal injury lawsuit – alleging negligence against not only the drivers of the vehicles but also against the transportation tech company Uber. Uber works by connecting passengers with drivers of luxury vehicles for hire. Despite Uber’s claims that it is not a “transportation provider” – this accident raises questions concerning

Just what does happen if you’re an Uber passenger in the middle of an accident? If you have been injured in any type of automobile accident, it is a good idea to speak to a top Stockton accident lawyer right away.

Here the “car-sharing” arrangement set up by Uber creates many questions concerning liability. For example, is Uber covered by private car insurance or by commercial policies that insure a car for commercial purposes? Commercial policies are in effect in those situations where a car is specifically used for a business – such as a car for pizza delivery company. However where Uber is involved, the company doesn’t actually own any of the cars. Uber contends that they have created primarily technology platforms, modern-day phone books that connect people who already have cars (or car services) to people who want to ride in them and, as a result, are not responsible when injuries occur.

However, representatives for the woman disagree noting “for somebody who uses Uber when you log into that app, it doesn’t say ‘We’re going to help you find an independent transportation company.’ It’s saying ‘Here’s an Uber driver. ..Nothing about that relationship makes you think it’s a mere phone book.”

Uber and other “newfangled cab companies,” create risk – by putting passengers into moving cars in busy urban traffic – in precisely the same way that taxi companies create risk. But they’re not taking any responsibility for it.

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